Our Mission

Provide complete and comprehensive representation

Our Objectives

The main objectives of BDS Sports are:

1. Successfully represent the interests of our clients and facilitate the same success throughout their career and life after basketball.

2. Ensure our clients reach their maximum potential, both professionally and personally.

3. Provide effective customized solutions designed to enhance each client’s brand identity and maximize their earning potential, whether rookie or veteran.

Keys to Success

Through a personalized approach to client representation and a commitment to innovative professional services, BDS Sports brings a new direction to representing athletes.

​An emphasis on fully servicing each client’s needs, as well as the establishment of relationships through personalized attention, have been the critical elements to the BDS Sports brand. At BDS Sports we believe that “The process is just as important as the results”:

P: Surround yourself with PEOPLE who share similar vision, mission and values as you

R: Create a REPUTATION that will make generations beyond you proud

O: Maintain an OPTIMISTIC attitude about life, no matter what comes your way

C: Allow life’s lessons to develop your CHARACTER

E: Be ETHICAL in everything you do to maintain the integrity of your brand

S: Allow your SPIRITUALITY to anchor, lead and guide you through this life

S: Define what SUCCESS means to you and pursue it