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Vice President Operations


In a world where everything is either quickly processed or expectations and demands are desired at microwavable speeds, there are still individuals out there who take pride in not just meeting

the every day needs of their clients, but also delivering service to the things that are not expected or given from the title of a job description. Davin Harris, our director of Client Services, who deals primarily with the every day demands of our clients, understands the true meaning of servitude; for he is also an advocate and partner of “Servient Service”, a company who takes pride in their innovative approach to sales/servicing models, recruitment and hiring processes, background checks, salary negotiations and closing deals. His people skills are impossible to miss, since he’s been committed to the Real Estate business for over 14 years, as well as has over 10 years of managerial experience. His expertise working consistently with a culturally diverse class for many years, elevated Harris to understand universal human connection to an even higher degree. 

Harris brings an enormous amount of purpose to BDS Sports. He attended the University of Illinois, where he played basketball during those 4 years, and earned a Bachelor’s in Science in

Business and Communication. His primary role as the liaison between client/players and the

organization is a huge responsibility to attain; therefore, his credentials and reputation in his field has been the conduit that has served both client and company together. He deals primarily with our Marketing/Branding Department and our Creative Services Department; constantly reinventing and recreating new platforms for the daily needs of our clients and players. There is no question that trust plays a major role in his title, and; because of the ethics Harris’ adheres to in handling the various multi-million dollar contracts he has committed to; a lifetime bond of friendship and player representation exists between him, the staff, and most importantly; the

patrons of BDS Sports.

Outside of his business suit attire, Harris enjoys all sport related fields, and music. 

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