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CEO & Player Reprentative


Born on May 24, 1976, in Downsville, Louisiana, Brendrick DeAngelo Simmons; known as DeAngelo Simmons in the world of basketball, is the youngest of 10 children. Raised by a family whose main focus was centered on their children adhering to strict ethical principles and God-honoring faith, Simmons quickly learned at a very early age that the morals we abide by, on a daily basis, will be the fortress of personal strength we’ll end up building within ourselves; in turn creating a grounded foundation for whatever is set to come.

As the youngest in his household, he was looked after by his older siblings; primarily by Johnny, his older brother, who guided and coached Simmons in basketball when he began playing during his High School years at Farmersville High in Farmerville, Louisiana. Simmons, aside from his charismatic and well-liked persona that got him elected to be Vice-President of his class, also received an incredible amount of recognition from his athletic abilities; receiving his letterman not only in basketball but in baseball as well. He also went highly recognized for his performance in track in the 800-meter run.

Farmersville, became the footstool for Simmons, allowing him to acknowledge his talents; prompting him to collegiate level where he played and attended Tyler Junior College in Texas, receiving his Associates in Arts degree in General Studies. Simmons, then attended one year at Southern University at New Orleans, Louisiana, playing basketball for one year; when unexpected personal circumstances veered him temporarily to take a break from college life. It wasn’t long before he returned; attending the University of Louisiana and earning a Bachelor’s in Science in Physical Education. 

During his college life, Simmons became passionate about teaching the fundamental principles that the game of Basketball instructs. He quickly recognized his calling to become mentor to his younger family members; his nephews, primarily, who like him, found a passion for the game. It was predestined for Simmons to become a basketball skills developer before the possibility of becoming a sports agent came to pass. Therefore; soon after graduating college, he decided to implement his well-learned techniques and expertise and become the skills developers coach so many have benefited from since then.

BDS Sports is defined as the place where P.R.O.C.E.S.S. is embraced. BDS stands for Brendrick DeAngelo Simmons; the entity that believes that anyone can accomplish their heartfelt dreams if they simply adhere to the understanding that everything in life takes “TIME” and adheres to a “PROCESS” where commitment is the common denominator.

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